How To Lose Fat On Your Legs… Fast!

By | October 8, 2010

Lose Fat On Your Legs Fast!

If you are wondering how to lose fat on your legs fast, you have probably searched countless websites and read many books and articles about weight loss techniques.

Every method promises total victory, some in just two weeks, others a few months, and realistically nearer to a year. The problem with these quotes is that the quick results draw skepticism out of you while the “realistic” quotes quell your desire to begin such a long process.

The truth is that only exercise and a healthy diet will produce results that last.

It is not a secret that “miracle diets” are based around the loss of water weight, and while it may be quick, the health consequences of purging water are not worth the momentary slimming. Instead of striving for results that will not last, you can develop a moderate plan and see results in a reasonable amount of time.

Find A Diet That Works For You!

Though it seems like finding the moderate articles, whether online or in the magazines, is difficult, the advice is sound. To develop a good diet you need to consider the rhythms of your day, favorite foods and the best way to combat the irresistible urge to eat ice cream at midnight.

Instead of following a diet plan, counting points or eliminating a single nutrient (such as carbohydrates), count calories.

A quick test to discern your Basal Metabolic Rate (the number of calories your body burns at rest), will show you how many calories you can eat daily without gaining or losing weight.

Add in Some Exercise

While following the calorie count, add exercise. Thirty minutes of exercise that elevates your heart rate will do. Follow the workout routine seven days a week, and make exercising fun. Play a sport, jog, swim, no matter what you do, make it fun and heart pumping. By following these two elements of lifestyle, anyone will lose weight, including you. But there is still a problem.

The lasting results that come from this lifestyle do take time, and no one can choose what part of the body loses fat first. Generally, women’s weight will be lost first in the chest, face, hips and thighs, belly, then arms and legs.

For men, weight is lost in the face, hips and thighs chest, arms and legs and lastly the belly. Most people would much prefer to lose belly fat first and then lose fat on the legs and arms.

Spot Target With A Body Wrap

So, instead of defeat as you strive hard to lose fat on legs and keep it off, there is one secret to cosmetically make results appear quickly. Body wraps, while being expensive at a spa, can be purchased and applied in the comfort of your home.

Partial body wraps for the legs or arms can also be applied in the same manner. A traditional body wrap would be an herbal mixture saturated into a linen sheet and wrapped snuggly around the waist (in this case the method is used for the legs). The linen is kept warm and remains applied for roughly twenty minutes.

During that time the skin detoxifies and most users report a loss of several inches over a two or three use period. With these results, and a healthy diet and exercise routine, you can endure the long road to the body you have always wanted and the legs you have always dreamed of having.

Now you know how to lose fat on your legs fast!

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