How To Lose Stomach Fat Without Dieting!

By | October 10, 2010

Everyone who has stomach fat would probably rather lose stomach fat without dieting, but the first thing to do is to determine what a diet is.

If the idea of a diet is to eat everything in site, then there may be no way to lose the fat. Just sit back and gorge.

If eating sensible amounts of good food that offer all the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle is a good diet, then there is plenty of hope to lose excess weight.

The reasonable definition of the word, “diet” is the key here. When this is properly understood, there will be weight loss, more energy and a healthier body to show for it. By far, the feeling of health is the best thing about eating right and exercising. An evaluation of what is actually happening in the body is the first thing to assess.

What is the reason for the weight gain in the first place? This is not to place guilt, but to recognize what needs to be trimmed back in order for the weight to fall off.

There needs to be some honest reckoning about what is going on and discipline to correct the problem. There must be an understanding that the added fat around the stomach is a problem. Taking a look at the food we eat is the most important part of loosing weight.

There does not need to be a specific brand name “diet” to follow when there is honesty about the origins of the problem. Is it a problem yet? That must be recognized before going on to resolve the problem.

Eating good vegetables instead of chocolate cake is a good start, but a bit of cake is ok every now and then. Always remember to drink lots of water. Not only will this help give the stomach a feeling of being full, it will hydrate the body and go a long way to help the joints work painlessly.

Many times people may be feeling stiff with joint pain and the only thing they need is to drink water regularly and stay hydrated.

Feeling better about moving will encourage exercise and that is the way to lose weight. Start out slow, stretch before walking or running. Get into the swing of it and take your time.

No one is keeping time to lose a certain amount of weight by a given date. It is best to commit to a regular exercise at least three times a week. Every day is even better, but start by walking for a half hour at a steady pace.

One way to plan the eating habits for each day is to start with a good size meal for breakfast, have a little for lunch and less for supper. This way, the calorie intake at breakfast time is worked off during the activities of the day. Fewer calories are taken in at lunchtime to work off in the afternoon and less at night during rest and sleep.

When less food is taken in, the body will continue to nourish itself on the stored fat and soon it will be less and less. These are basic steps to lose stomach fat without dieting.

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