How To Shrink Flabby Arms!

By | October 7, 2010

Shrink Flabby Arms

Even men and women who exercise regularly and eat well may be confused as to how to shrink flabby arms. The triceps area in particular is a troublesome spot that is resistant to even one’s best efforts, especially as they age.

Though it can be difficult to lose fat in specific areas of the body, it is possible to shrink flabby arms by being more mindful of diet and creating a workout routine that will zero in on the areas that most need improvement. With a little effort, and the help of some of the supplemental products on the market, one can see significant improvement in arm flab in just a few weeks.

Re-Evaluate Your Diet

If you have been trying to lose weight to no avail, re-evaluate your diet to ensure that you are not falling victim to some common dieting traps. Few people realize this, but eating too few calories each day can actually cause you to gain weight.

If your body is deprived of calories, it can cause your metabolism to shift into low gear.When this happens, you will be burning calories at a lower rate and storing what little you eat as fat. When calorie restriction diets stall, check with your doctor or nutritionist to talk about possible root causes.

Drink More Water

Drink plenty of water. First of all, those who work out should be sure to drink more than the recommended daily intake of water to replace that which is lost during cardiovascular or weight training exercises. Also, studies have been shown that people often mistake the signs of thirst for hunger, causing us to overeat without realizing it.

Drink water regularly throughout the day, and have an extra glass as soon as you feel thirsty. You may actually find that this causes you to snack less.

Up the number of arm exercises that you do each day. For best results, create a workout routine that is a combination of low weight, high repetition exercises and high weight, low repetition exercises.

Use Heavier Weights

Even if you are wary of gaining too much bulk in your arms, using heavier weights may increase the speed at which your arms will become more toned. Not only will adding muscle mass make your arms look more defined, it will also speed your metabolism enabling you to burn more fat, even at rest.

To enhance the effects of diet and exercise, try using them in conjunction with body wraps. These wraps are wound tightly around a specific area of the body. Some anecdotal evidence indications that a single treatment can show immediate and significant improvement in the tone and shape of the body part that is treated. They may be applied at home using designated kits, or applied at health spas or massage therapists.

Learning how to shrink flabby arms is a multi-step process will help you see the results that you want more quickly. By upping your diet and exercise efforts and coupling them with a treatment such as a body wrap, you can be closer to the toned arms you want in just a few weeks.

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