So… who is It Works Global?


Plainly stated, It Works Global (aka It Works Marketing) is the incredible company behind the products you see on wrap n’ lose!

It Works is a direct sales company that was formed in 2001 with the sole aim to help others become healthier on the inside and out. Since then, they’ve helped thousands of people all over the globe to become leaner, lighter, and lots healthier!

Can you earn a real income with It Works?

Chart of Average Monthly Income Earnings

Of course you can!

However, it’s not simple, and it’s not going to happen overnight.

It Works Global has an incredible compensation plan, but you truly have to work to make an income that can change your life.

The figures on the right are company-wide income averages as of 2011 for distributors on a monthly basis.

Most companies hide behind empty promises and hyped up claims. We post real results, and we are incredibly proud of them.

Who are WE?

The website you are on now was created by Brandon & Denise Walsh, Presidential Diamond Distributors with It Works Global.

Prior to becoming distributors with It Works, Brandon was an aerospace engineer while I worked with families at a local mental health agency as a clinical psychologist.

Now we’re using our talents with It Works Global to build a large team of motivated, positive, and enthusiastic business owners.

Each day we are inventing new websites, holding new training calls, and utilizing social media to build a fun, supportive group of thriving business owners.

We believe that the Lord has blessed us with an opportunity and a set of unique gifts to help others looking to become healthier and more in control of their finances.

Quote About Retiring Young

this is what we call ‘beach money‘.

this is the percentage of your group’s orders you get every month!

e.g. you sponsor Mary, who orders $200 in product, she has 5 customers who order $100 in product. You earn 15% of all Mary’s orders, plus 10% of her customers = $80 every month they order!*
a $600 car bonus!

this is a $600 bonus awarded to any distributor who gets 60 customers and has over $3,000 in personal sales volume*

what kind of car would you get?!
raising leaders is the name of the game.

earn up to a 9% bonus on your personally enrolled leaders!

e.g. you sponsor Mary, she builds a group with 30k in volume, you get a $2,700 bonus every month!*
bonus, bonus, bonus

as a leader, you can get up to $150 for every new person who joins your team!

e.g. you sponsor Mary who sponsors Gary, who in turn sponsors Larry, who sponsors Carry, & because of your leader status, you earn $600 (4*$150)*

*see full details *see full details *see full details *see full details

What is The Best Team To Join in It Works Global?  Denise & Brandon Walsh

Training Systems for Multi Level Marketing Companies

Social media & marketing

Free Leads Using Social Media For Network Marketing

Support, encouragement & friendship

Top Leaders in It Works Global & Team Support

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